Rural Schools Swimmings Sports
On the 25th March we all drove to the annual Rural Schools Swim Sports at St Peters School in Cambridge.Their pool is 25m long, but if you were 10 or older, you swam 50m.Maia, Luca, Noah, Ella, Anika and myself went from our school.Everyone placed at least in one race.There were championship and non-championship races.The only people from our school that were in non-champs were Luca and Noah.Ella came 1st in backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle and butterfly.I came first in butterfly and freestyle.We came 2nd in the school relay.Overall it was a fun and exciting day for us all.

Rural Schools Winter Sports
When Luca and I hopped out of my mums' car we stopped to inhale the cold, cool air. We walked to where our groups were so that we could start doing the sports.Luca and I were in the same group.Our first sport was the Maori game that we had been learning at school.Our team was hitting the posts first.After that we went to a different place to play a quick game of Rippa Rugby.I was the leader of our group and scored the first try.Then Luca scored a try, except he ran dead with the ball.Then we played volleyball, Luca really liked to smash the ball.Our team won, I think!Then it was time to drive back to school, when we got back to school my legs felt so tired I could hardly move!

In term 2 all the Cambridge Rural Schools took part in the annual "Gymfest" at Cambridge High School.We all travelled to the High School in cars and when we got there we did some Jump Jam to warm up.We then started to do our gymnastics routines on the floor, beam and vault.While the older kids were doing their gymnastics the 5-7 year olds were in a fun room.After the 5-7 year olds went in the fun room it was their turn to do their gymnastics and the 7-12 year olds went to the fun room.We then had our lunch and then there was a prize giving and the school dances.The whole school then had to go home.The results for our gymnastics were - Lily got 2nd, Anika got 4th, Ahitahu got 1st, Noah got 1st and Luca got 2nd.We all enjoyed it and it was a fun day.

Marae Visit
When we arrived at the marae we stood by the carved, wooden entrance and waited for the 2 ladies to perform the karanga, then when we got to the door we all took our shoes off so that we could finish the powhiri.Then, some of the elders gave a speech in Maori.We sang te Aroha and then had morning tea and the girls did some flax weaving while the boys learnt a haka.After lunch we acted out a story that told us about how the Maori arrived in New Zealand.Before we went home we sang some more songs and then shared what our favourite thing of the day was.

Vibering with the Olympic Rowers
On the 4th August Horahora School "Vibered" the New Zealand men's quad rowing team, to ask some questions about what it felt like to row in the Olympics.Here are some of the questions we asked.
Are you afraid about the Zika Virus?
They told us that they weren't afraid because they were taking extra precautions by wearing insect repellent and hanging bug nets over their beds.
What inspired you to be a rower?
They said "because they love the feeling they get on the water when they're rowing".
How many rowers from New Zealand are over in Rio?
40 athletes including reserves and coaches.They also said that 1/3 or maybe ½ of the team are based in Cambridge.
Lastly we asked –
Are your family members allowed in the village?
They said no, because security is so tight and they would have to have a security pass to come in.
We wished the rowers good luck for their events ahead, we hope to see them win GOLD!
By:Chelsey & Isla

Wetland Planting
Recently we went to a local farm to help re-plant an area of wetland, here are some of our thoughts about the experience:
Lachlan - It was interesting planting the trees and flax and also putting up the bird boxes.
Morgan - I was happy that I was helping people plant and get thorns out of them! It would be nice to see the plants grow where all the thorns used to be. It's great that worms can help.
Luca - I found it interesting that we had to put the trees a distance apart because I didn't know that before. We got to get out of school for the day! It means a lot that we got to go outside and keep some streams clean. The benefit is that we got to make homes for the birds.
Ella - The things that I found interesting was that some plants had to go near water and some did not. It was also interesting that we learnt how to plant properly. We went there to learn more about plants and can go back and look at them in the future. It's good to know that the birds have now got houses.
Isla - I found it interesting that we had to put the plants in specific places rather than just planting them anywhere. It was really cool that we could be outside, and get our hands dirty! It meant that I could learn more about nature. In the future I can go back and look at the trees that we planted and the bird boxes that we made. I think that a benefit is that we now know that we worked together to plant trees and add to natures collection.
Lily - I found it interesting that some plants had to grow in specific places and how far apart they had to be. The best thing was not doing school work for the whole day! It was awesome that fibe people got to plant Kahikatea trees, then put our names on tags around them. Going to plant trees meant that we could contribute to the environment and make the streams more clean. Now, lots of birds will have nice warm homes to live in.
Shelby - The best thing was that there we no maths involved! It means a lot to me that we are doing our part to save nature because people cut trees down to make homes. I think that one of the good things is that we have helped.

Making Bird Boxes
When we were at school some big packages arrived. Some people thought they were chicken houses. When we got told what they really were we thought it was crazy. We bought them up to the field and started to prime them. (Priming is when you cover them in special paint so it doesn't go mouldy in the rain). We had to wear gloves because it's very bad for you. When we had finished priming them we had to wait until they were dry. The next day we started to paint them with colours, we used car paint. Miss Hammond gave us a safety talk. Not to sniff it, not to lick it and not to drink it. When everyone was done, we let them dry. We then hung the bird boxes on trees at the William's farm while we were there planting in the wetlands.
By: Anika

School Production - Reach for the Sky
On the 2nd of September the whole school performed a play called "Reach for the Sky", this was to celebrate the 2016 Olympic Games. We performed at our school hall, for the parents and families.
We did this play because we were doing a lot of Olympic work in our classrooms and because the Olympics were on.
I played Miss Burberry (a teacher) in the production. My character was very stuck up, and stern with her students. She was a PE teacher.
I liked the play and everyone did really well. I really enjoyed it. Chelsey said she liked the production because everyone enjoyed it and she got to act. Anika enjoyed all the acting and excitement.
By: Isla
All students went up to the Horahora Community Hall and did a production of "Reach for the Sky". Nicole was the director and did an amazing job and Mrs Synge did the scripting.

The Olympics were on, that's why we did this play. We did board games, watched videos, did reading and writing about the Olympians.

In the play I was Louis and I had to talk a lot and act too. Louis was an Olympian and he was going to Rio De Janeiro. I was so nervous because I had to talk in front of our family and lots of other people.
Luca said "It was alright", Jarik said "It was cool", Maia said "It was amazing", Morgan said "It was OK" and Paetin said "It was good".
By: Ahi

Ag Day
Yesterday was Ag Day. People from Horahora School did call-follow-run, leading and rearing. Heaps of people brought a lamb or a calf, but only the lambs did call-follow-run. Hunter was the only one with a goat. Ahi came first in the call-follow-run and second in the rearing and leading. Ahi got a red ribbon for first and a blue one for second. Lachlan came third three times in a row. Ella came first in leading, rearing and came third for call-follow-run.
We also had a flower show. Paetin and I made a mini garden that had flowers, sand, animals and a jar with water and a flower inside. Paetin and I won the mini garden! At the end of the day we did an auction for cakes. There were drinks and certificates. There was a cupcake competition, Isla made piglets. I got to eat Maggie the cupcake pig and Isla ate Lucy the piglet.
By: Lawron


Santa Parade