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HHS TV Episode 3

Here is another life changing, or mind altering, episode of HHS TV....

December 5, 2013

HHS Senior Camp

the senior camp almost blew the minds of a bunch of the HoraHora School Students. WAAAyyyyy too much fun was had!...

December 5, 2013

HHSTV Episode 2, 2013


August 21, 2013

Kawau Island Camp!


August 14, 2013

HoraHoraSchool TV. Episode 1. 2013


April 9, 2013

HoraHora School TV - Episode 4 (end of 2012)


February 22, 2013

HoraHora School TV: Episode 3


November 29, 2012

HoraHora School TV - Episode 2


November 5, 2012

School visit to Sirocco

Celebrity Kakapo Sirocco is a hit at his night time viewings at the Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust. The rare flightless parrot is in Waikato on a six week visit.

September 14, 2012

The Amazing room Rimu

Room Rimu We have been writing about our family – here are a couple of examples of our work: My Nan is called Nanny Debby, she comes to my birthday and my brothers birthdays.  Nanny Debby works at a computer place and comes at Christmas.  She gives me and my brothers 30, 40 or 50 dollars.  She wears nice and bright coloured dresses.  She wears black high heels.  She has blonde hair with black spots.  The black is in the middle front and back.  She’...

September 1, 2012

HoraHora School TV - August

Some of the amazing students at HoraHora school have started to make a TV program. This is following on from our incredible time at Capital E down in Wellington. ...

August 10, 2012

2011 cross country

HoraHora School is making a TV show which will be regularly updated to the website. Just as a bit of a test here is a video made last year highlighting some of the amazing action from the 2011 cross country. Enjoy......

August 7, 2012

Website finally live!

It is so exciting to have the new school website up and running. Hopefully on here you will find all the info you need about our fantastic school - latest newsletter, pics of events, classroom work, calendar and so on. For example, check out this amazing elephant Taylor drew. Awesome! If you think of something you'd love the site to have or have a great idea for improving it in anyway please flick me an email or give me a call - - Craig Barrow....

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