The Amazing room Rimu

Room Rimu
We have been writing about our family – here are a couple of examples of our work:

My Nan is called Nanny Debby, she comes to my birthday and my brothers birthdays.  Nanny Debby works at a computer place and comes at Christmas.  She gives me and my brothers 30, 40 or 50 dollars.  She wears nice and bright coloured dresses.  She wears black high heels.  She has blonde hair with black spots.  The black is in the middle front and back.  She’s got blue eyes and she is a Pakeha.  She has wrinkles and she is almost fifty years old.  She is special to me because she comes to my brothers and my birthdays.  She is also special because she comes at Christmas.
By:  Tiepa Simmonds

My mum is nice and very healthy.  She works for Genesis Energy.  Her favourite animal is a horse.  Her last horse was a Clydesdale, his name was Ted.  She has blonde coloured hair that is tied up in a bun lots of the time.  My mum has big blue eyes that sparkle in the sun.  She does not wear nail polish on her finger nails.  She wears long sleeved tee shirts and long pants.  I feel safe with my mum when she cuddles me tight.  She is good at telling a story at night.
By:  Jordan Thorburn

My nanna is very short and she has short brown hair and that hair is a wig.  She is 68 years old.  She sings in a choir.  Her choir is called Rivertones.  She always wears long sleeved tee shirts and she wears jeans, but when she does gardening she wears a tee shirt and shorts.  She has tannish skin and she has a Maltese Yorkie dog called Bella.  My nanna is good at singing in her choir.  She is very good at doing her gardening.  My nanna is also very good at sitting down and drinking a cup of coffee.  She looks after Bella really well, she always brushes her hair and keeps her clean.  My nanna loves to read the newspaper, she makes us kids get them when we are in Waihi with her,  My nanna is very special because she laways gives me memories like when I was little she always said “who wants a hamburger?”  I always wanted one so I would always say “me, I do” and then she would give me a kiss on the hand, that was her hamburger!  I really love my nanna because she always spoils me.  I love my nanna SO much.
By:  Olivia Haycock

Room Rimu
Weekend News:
As a black, creepy, terrifying shaddow slowly tiptoes into my room as if it was a kidnapper coming to kidnap me.  It was also dark which made it even more scary.  I quickly jumped under my blankets shaking madly.  The footsteps were coming closer into my room, I wanted to scream.  I tried, but no sound came out, I tried to lay as flat as a pancake so it didn’t know I was there, but I didn’t think it was working arghh!  It came really REALLY close to my bed, it started shaking me, I just had to look up it … it … it was my mother.  “Phew” I thought to myself. “Mum you could at least tal before you start shaking me”, “SORRY, IT’S TIME FOR NETBALL”!  “Mum, sheesh, you don’t have to yell, I’m right here”.  “Sorry, I thought you were still half asleep, and anyway it’s time to get up”.  “Mum, mum, mum, my netball game doesn’t start until 10 past 1”.  “I know that”.  “Then why did you wake me up at umm … umm … 7:30”?  “Because Luca has soccer at 8:00”.  “Oh well, what are we waiting for, let’s go”.  “You need to get ready first don’t you”.  “No, oh yeah, could you help me find my netball top”?  “Ok”.  10 MINUTES LATER … “Come on, we’re ready, let’s go.  Boys stop playing with the cars we need to go”.  Anyway, at 1:10 my friends and I played netball we WON 17-13, it was so awesome.  Olivia got Player of the Day.
By:  Bianca

Olympic Report – a sport we know nothing about:
Fencing – the sport of fencing started 130 years ago.  You play fencing with a sword.  You can play with an epee, a foil and a sabre.  You have to wear armour.  You win a point by hitting people but they will not get hurt.  You hit them with an epee or a foil.  You get a point from the sabre by slicing them.  The area where a fencing competition takes place is called a piste.  A piste is 14 metres long and between 1.5m and 2m wide.  At the London 2012 Olympics there are 105 men and 107 women in the fencing, but there are only allowed to be 8 men and 8 women for each country competing.  10 gold medals will be won for the three sports in fencing.  I think playing fencing would be awesome.
By:  Manaia Tuau