Cohort Entry

Cohort Entry is a new option for NZ schools to consider.  It allows children turning 5 to begin school as a group at the start of the term closest to their 5th birthday.  For some children it could mean starting school several weeks before they turn 5, for some children it would mean waiting for the start of the next term, depending when their birthday falls.  The BOT is not making a decision on cohort entry until they have heard the views of our parents and other key groups within Cambridge.

We are running a survey now (closes 11 September) whereby we wish to capture the perspective of our parents and our community on the possible impact of cohort entry.  This will help shape the decision each BOT will need to make.

Please contact Melleney on our office phone 8272823 or mobile 021 138 2137 and we will send you a link via e-mail to complete.